The CDC is a mission outreach of Ascension Lutheran Church, and as such, it seems like a good idea to let you know about our church services in case you have a desire to worship with us. The members of Ascension would love to invite you and your children to the Sunday morning classes that are geared toward the age group of the child, and also the adult class for - adults!

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At this time of year, new classes have formed, especially for children and youth, so that they are connected to their peers in the same grade or same age. Easter is coming up as the next special "Season" of the church year, and our Bible studies include the life of Jesus as He fulfilled the mission for which He was sent to the earth. It is an exciting - and thought-provoking - time of our worship. Beginning on March 6 (Wednesday), there will be worship services every Wednesday starting at 6:30 PM. These services will run through until Holy Week (April 18, 19 and 20) when our services will beging at 7:30 PM, and Easter Sunday morning, we will have services at 6:30 AM (outdoors), 8:30 AM and 10:45 AM. You and your family are invited and more than welcome to attend these services!

Regular worship and Bible study are two areas that should not be neglected - by anybody! Our nation is one that allows everyone the freedom to worship without penalty or repercussions. How long that will be true remains to be seen, but should our freedom to do so be taken away, would it bother you? Would you miss being able to open your Bible or listen to Baptismsome Christian music on the airwaves? Would you miss visiting God in His sanctuary?

While you, as an adult, may not feel moved to get up and make a special effort to worship with others, are you giving your children the opportunity to learn about God? If your child were to die in a freak accident or from a disease over which you have absolutely no control, would your child be guaranteed life for eternity with God because you made sure they knew their Savior and had been baptized? That is your responsibility as parents of these precious children. There is no charge or cost to you or your family - God has paid the cost of our salvation with the life and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. And now He's waiting to hear from you!

On Sunday mornings, Ascension holds worship services at 8:00 and 10:45 AM and there is a 6:00 PM worship service on Monday evenings. To find out more about our church, just check out the tab that says "Our Church." If you have any questions, contact Ms. Brakhage or call the church office at (256) 536-9987. Thank you!


About the picture: Pastor Ansorge, on his 80th birthday, baptized one of the CDC babies during a Tuesday morning chapel service. For you parents who were not present for the special service, all of your children were absolutely quiet the entire time and they paid attention to all that was happening. It was a blessing for all. Thank you for sharing your children with us at Ascension through the CDC.