May Milestones

Well, here we are, five months into the year 2017. We have had time to say good-bye to the former and welcome the recently-elected President of the United States. I won't ask how that's going for you, because unless you're directly involved in the District of Columbia (DC) lifestyle, probably not a whole lot has changed for us in the realm of politics. Besides that, it's not polite to ask about one's political view unless you like picking fight, starting arguments or ending friendships. 

We've had time to celebrate the season of Easter with all its beginnings of ashes of Ash Wednesday to services of darkness and services of light to the celebration of Resurrection morning - and perhaps a rabbit or two, but I think that's another story and another trail.


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And now, we're getting ready to move our children through the next step of their education. Let's hear it for the four-year-olds who will be graduating from Preschool in May. Wow! Where did the time go since that child was just a wee one, too young to be walking about, still so dependent on you, to where he or she is now - getting a cap and gown to wear!