The Lord disciplines the one He loves. Hebrews 12:6

Every wise parent knows the importance of discipline. How dangerous it is for both children and society when children do not learn limits, the meaning of the word “no,” backed up by appropriate discipline! Spoiled children, on the one hand, and neglected children, on the other, are unlikely to be happy and well-rounded and can be menaces to society when they grow up.

If we are God’s children, then we should expect God to treat us a wise parent does, bringing us up with appropriate discipline. God refuses to spoil or ignore us. He does not let us get away with sin and rebellion. The Lord has His ways of calling us to repentance when we do wrong, and setting us again on the way we should go.

But we take confidence that the Lord’s discipline of us is fatherly – we are His sons and daughters. His discipline comes not from hatred, but from love. This truth is offered so we may cling to it when things get difficult. If God takes away something precious to us or gives us a heavy cross to bear, it is for our good. Our Father knows what we need even better than we do ourselves. He uses the crosses of life to train us so that we may trust Him more fully, follow Him more closely, and love Him more deeply.

Father, train me in the way of Your commands. Amen.