The Lord told Moses to stretch out his special stick towards the sea. Immediately, a strong wind started blowing from the east, and the sea divided, making a path right across from the one side to the other.

Will God make a path through water if I ask Him to? A trickle of water from a dripping tap slowly twists and turns down a pathway like a little river. An ant stops just as the water passes in front of it. The ant cannot walk or swim across the flowing water. How easy would it be for you to help the ant get to the other side?

Of course it would be easy for you to help the ant. You could lift the ant across, turn off the tap, or block the flow of water with your hand. God can easily make a path through the sea. He can do whatever He chooses to do, but He will not just do anything and everything people ask Him to do. Even Jesus—who did amazing miracles like healing a blind man—did everything for a good reason. He knew that things like jumping off a tower and expecting angels to catch you are foolish (Luke 4:9-12). However, if you are in trouble and you pray for God’s help, He will hear and answer you, but He may not answer in the way you expected Him to. Sometimes God answers our prayers in very ordinary ways.