Well folks, it’s that time of year again; you know - red hearts, pink roses, balloons, cards, candy, and animals that sing songs of love.
Store shelves overflow with symbols of love.
They began the day after New Year's to get ready for Valentine’s Day. Do you know that more roses are
sold on that day than any other day in the year? All over the world, it is the day that people show their
love for someone special.
Most mothers and wives hope to receive a loving memento, perhaps dinner in a nice restaurant, or to
have a meal cooked for them. It is a great occasion to express love and appreciation for any of your
loved ones, but it is just as important to show little acts of kindness the other 364 days of the year. I can
do without a dancing gorilla singing Love Me Tender, but I sure would miss the hugs I get from the
children each day.
candy 13373c 1Whenever I talk to my family I always tell them “I love you” before I close the phone call. Each morning
and evening my daughter will text me saying “love you”. It means a lot when family and friends want to
spend time with you, share a meal, or just talk. God tells us in His Word how much He loves us. He
promises never to leave or forsake us, to answer us when we call, day or night. He never slumbers nor
sleeps. We need to tell Him how much we love Him 365 days a year as well.
Flowers will die. Candy gets eaten. Balloons will pop. Stuffed animals may stop singing. Cards may get
lost or thrown away, but the love that is shared with one another, and God’s love for us, will never pass