Depending upon what area of the country the ‘groundhog” did/did not see his shadow on Saturday.

Here is a devotion based on Groundhog day. Fear not; I will help thee. Isaiah 41:13

Sunlight glistens on his whiskers as Mr. Groundhog cautiously pokes his head above his earthy burrow. He eases to his haunches, twitches his fuzzy ears and listens for signs of danger. Then…horrors! He sees this big, black, spooky thing looming in front of him. Whoosh! He’s gone. His shadow has sent him fleeing back to the safety of his den. This means, according to legend from Great Britain and Germany, that winter will last another six weeks. I, for one, like a sunny day—especially in February.

How silly to let a shadow spoil it. But, I wonder, how many times have I retreated from opportunity because I was frightened by a shadow called “uncertainty” or “inadequacy”? Perhaps my fear is as unfounded as the groundhog’s. I have an idea! This Groundhog Day, despite the scary shadows in front of me, I’m going to take one small step toward something I want to accomplish. I’m going to accept that invitation to speak, even though I’m nervous.

How about you? Are you thinking about accepting a new job, going back to school or trying to break an old habit? Then why don’t you make that phone call or write the letter that could change your life. After all, even the timid groundhog eventually raises his head, takes a whiff of clover and scurries from his hole.

Dear Lord, this Groundhog Day, give me the courage to confront my shadows.