Christ has risen! He has risen indeed!


“And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Psalm 23:6


When sheep are done following their shepherd where he leads them, eventually they come home, back to their own sheepfold, where they feel welcome and comfortable. After you’ve been gone for a while, even if it’s for a short time…or if it’s been a long vacation or a stay in the hospital, isn’t it good to be home again? – where you belong, where your family is, where people care for you?


Since the Lord is your Shepherd, your real home is heaven, isn’t it? That’s ‘the house of the Lord” where He is waiting to welcome you home, the destination toward which He is leading you, through green pastures and by still waters, and even when the valleys are dark and frightening. You are heading for home!


sheep 1818c