Jesus is the MESSAGE of Scripture – yesterday, today, forever.



Receiving messages is part of our everyday life, whether it be in text, instant messenger, e-mail or a piece of paper. Sometimes we get the message – sometimes we don’t.


There is another message that is part of every day. It is a message delivered to us from God’s Word. God’s Word tells us that Jesus is God’s message to the world. The message was delivered at Jesus’ birth. Jesus shared God’s message with his disciples. The disciples shared the message that Jesus was “the Christ, the Son of the living God.” We share the message that Jesus is our Savior, that that He died for all our sins and rose again every day.


As God shares His word through family, school, and friends He shares His message to us. We are blessed each day by the message we are children of God. We are blessed by the message our sins are forgiven and we will be with Jesus forever. We have a great message to share!