Staying Busy


Have you ever seen an ant marching on the sidewalk or in an anthill in your yard? Have you ever seen an ant just sitting around watching and waiting while all the other ants on the march do all the work? This summer, try leaving a bread crumb outside your home on the sidewalk or driveway for a few hours and watch to find out the answer!


The Bible has stories about all sorts of wonderful creatures, Proverbs 30:24,25 says this about ants:


Four things on earth are small, but they are exceedingly wise: the ants are a people not strong,yet they provide their food in the summer; Consider the ants!

You can learn from them about keeping busy this summer. Here are some ideas.


If you see an empty soda can on the playground or left by the sofa, put it in the trash, even if you didn’t leave it there.

  • If your parents need help with the yard or garden, try pulling weeds or picking fresh vegetables! Maybe you can give the vegetables to a homeless shelter.
  • Did you sleep in and miss playing with your friends or going to a summer practice? Get up earlier, and have a great day full of fun and friends! 


How about being wise every day? On a piece of paper draw one thing you can do to be wise and helpful (like brushing your teeth, putting your clothes in the laundry, picking up your toys, cleaning off your place at the table, or helping your little brother or sister).


God is delighted when we are wise and productive — like the ants!