Next week we are observing Lutheran Schools’ Week. NATIONAL LUTHERAN SCHOOLS WEEK (NLSW) is an occasion for joyful recognition and celebration. As The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, we celebrate the history and significance of Lutheran schools.


Lutheran schools make an impact across the country and around the world. Tens of thousands of families enroll hundreds of thousands of children in Lutheran schools. However, what is most significant about Lutheran schools is that they are Joy full, thank full, peace full, faith full and hope full. Our God is not a God of partial grace and blessing. In Christ, He fills all in all.


The title of the bulletin board in the entry way is Joyfully Christian. It is an adaptation of the theme for this school year. The “Joy: fully Lutheran” theme is a celebration of the fullness of God’s grace in Christ. Our Reformation heritage reminds us of God’s grace. Lutheran schools may not always meet the quantitative measures we desire. However, as the Word is taught and the Sacraments are administered, these schools are always full of grace. The grace-filled Lutheran school teaches the truth of grace from the Scripture, celebrates grace in worship, and lives grace in relationships. By God’s grace, the greatest strength of our Lutheran school is that we are a “grace place.” The grace of God, which became ours through Christ, is shared and received by every student, parent, and other person blessed by our ministry.


We may not always be “graceful” as we go about our hectic daily routines, but we are always “grace-full” as we hear Christ proclaimed in our school. Our Lutheran school is grace-full! We are full of God’s grace to be shared joyfully, thankfully, faithfully, peacefully and hopefully with all. Let’s enjoy this full week together, in Jesus’ name. Amen.