Teaching Your Children Gratitude

When my children were small we played a “game” entitled the “Thank you, Jesus” game. This usually involved setting the atmosphere – the children and I crawling under the covers in my bed – and then going in turns thanking Jesus for items both big and small. We would go round after round, until it was time for them to go to their own beds. Most of the time, the thank-you’s would be for daily things and activities; “Thank You, God, for chocolate," or ‘Thank You, God, for trees." It covered the gamut. It was also a practice that we instilled in our family, and we use it to this day. Quite often in word and in text, I find myself saying “Thank you, Jesus." This is a statement that I don’t make lightly. In fact, I had it engraved on my husband’s tombstone. He used to say “Thank You, Jesus” after the absolution was pronounced each Sunday in service. I am thankful to Jesus for all His blessings – both big and small. Too often we take His grace and goodness for granted, and forget to thank Him. During this national gratitude month, take the time to express gratitude for all He has done!